What are Personalized Supplements?

Ploylada Thanapaisarnorakul

            Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients that cause the operating system of human’s body to work effectively. We should obtain them by eating 5 food groups every day. However, nowadays, it’s difficult to eat all 5 food groups, every color fruit in each day due to the hectic lifestyle of today’s people who are hard- working and get less relax. When feeling tired, they find some delicious food to eat.

            A survey conducted by Bureau of Non-Communicable Disease, Ministry of Public Health found there are only 26% of Thai people eat all 5 food groups and sufficient vegetables and fruit. There are only 26.1% who usually exercise.

            Furthermore, the nutritive values of vegetables and fruit that we eat are declined by cooking process such as frying, boiling. So, the remained nutrients are so slight. The trend of supplementary vitamin consumption has become popular and has been along with today people’s lifestyle.  We can see many brands of dietary supplement products or vitamins distributed numerously in markets.

            Some people may buy vitamins or minerals for their dietary supplementary or to nourish their body more or less. However, have ever you asked yourself, as a matter of fact, whether your living behavior may have a risk of vitamins and minerals insufficiency, whether you obtain enough vitamins from general diet, whether the vitamins in products or supplement we buy are enough or overdose and whether they’re worth our money .

          Many people cannot answer these questions because “ you never know exactly what nutrients your body is lacking of, or how much amount of each nutrient you want.

            Most of all, have you ever noticed the same type of supplementary vitamin or mineral may cause the different results when being used by different users.

            The answer to this question is easy because “human’s body has different path”. No matter the condition of body, gender, age, weight and daily living behavior, the eating behavior of food, vegetable, fruit, exercising and other risk factors; smoking, insufficient relax, stress or chronic disease are the variables making people different. When people are different, taking the same vitamin in the same size can cause the different results as the words saying “One size does not fit all”.

            Therefore, to select supplementary vitamins and minerals, you should realize the real needs of each person’s body in order to gain the optimum health as you want because if your body gains excessive vitamins more than the necessity, it may harm your body. And if you take less than the necessity, there may turn into disadvantages or no-results.

            In this article, Vitaboost talks about how to select supplement vitamins to match your body’s need in order to gain the most benefit or Personalized Supplements.

What are Personalized Supplements?

            Nowadays, there is an integrated health care and Alternative Medicine so-called “Personalized Supplements” as a key to solve those health problems. Personalized Supplements are the way to take care of people as an individual.  For those who need supplementary vitamins to get the right nutrients in appropriate amount and truly cover the nutritional bases.

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            Personalized Supplements are made by measuring vitamins, minerals and natural extracts blended together and capsulated by calculating type and amount to fit each specific person according to the formula of Medical Specialist and ascertained by Anti-aging science. This will be conducted, after the diagnosis of vitamin level, minerals and antioxidants in blood.            

            On top of that, the requirements of result of each person are different because there are different needs of each one such as beauty, bright skin, rejuvenation, revitalization, health rehabilitation, weight control, fat and blood sugar loss, memory support and to reduce the risk of chronic disease that could be occurred in the future.

            Therefore, Vitaboost’s doctors chose vitamins and dietary supplement manufactured from natural 100% with various types whose effectiveness can help solve problems or boost up body regarding to users’ health objectives.  Taking various vitamins and various kinds of dietary supplement might have better benefits than taking only one type.

How do you know how much nutrients your body needs?

By checking the levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in body by venipuncture then blood will be checked in a laboratory.This is the most effective and accurate method today. Physicians can use the blood result together with health data which are gender, age, daily living behavior, food consumption behavior, level of stress or chronic diseases to calculate the dosage of each kind of nutrients that individuals should obtain each day in order to solve individual’s health problem directly to the point.

The example of blood result diagnosis

After getting individual’s blood result, Vitaboost’s medical specialist team will analyze the result and will make blood analysis reports which are easy to understand and are organized according to Traffic Lights  (Green, Yellow, Orange, Red). We also provide the advices customized for each person to let you take care of your health easier. Users can download Vitaboost Application (Both iOS and Android) to check your blood test results and blood history from today on.

Is it important to measure the levels of Vitamins and Minerals?

Since we know the origins of problems, it’s easy to solve the problems and more effective. Therefore, measuring vitamins in your body is truly important to arrange the dosage of vitamins effectively and fix the health problem directly.  For example of Vitamin D;

Vitamin D is the vitamin that Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicines consider it as the top priority in this present time. The Reference Daily Intake (RDI) determined by the Ministry of Public Health is 200 IU or 5 Micrograms per day but do not forget this DOSE is recommended for people who have normal standard level of Vitamin D (30-150 ng/mL). However, Vitaboost found there are over than 95% of people who get checked their Vitamin D level with us are lack of Vitamin D or get insufficient Vitamin D(<30 ng /mL) with the average of 14.18 ng/mL.

Today, most of people try to avoid sunlight, so they apply sunblock cream since being afraid of getting tan skin or having skin cancer. We found some people buying and taking multivitamin or Vitamin D regularly still have Vitamin D insufficiency because the dosage that they obtain is not enough. For groups of people who are lack of Vitamin D need to obtain Vitamin D more than normal people do, so it can solve the insufficiency problem of Vitamin D condition. It should be 2,000-3,000 IU per day consistently for 3-6 months until Vitamin D level is back to normal condition, then the dose can be reduced.

Some people take incorrect Supplementary Vitamins for all lifetime by taking only vitamins they are not lack of. Vitaboost would like to recommend everyone to check Vitamin and Mineral level once for better health care.

The procedures of Vitamin making and how to take.

After the medical calculation for dosage and types of vitamins for each person, doctors will have prescriptions to order for Personalized Supplements made by pharmacists who are expert for Compound Vitamins and Supplements. The manufacturing will be tailored to each person accurately and control the proportion suitably according to the prescription. Every process must be conducted in sterilization room with high standard to control dust, humidity and contamination all the time to ensure the Highest quality of Personalized Vitamins and none danger effects to body.

The manufacturing process will be made individually for each person. Now, Vitaboost uses Artificial Intelligence to help calculate dosage and types of dietary supplement suitably for each person. This makes more accurate and effective.

It can help doctors to remember the period of individual’s vitamin and mineral taking (such as some fat soluble vitamins  and minerals) in order to warn users to stop taking some vitamins in every 3 or 6 months for body damage prevention. For taking, it will be divided into 2 meals per day to take with food for easier absorbing.

The results of taking Personalized Supplements

The balance is the most crucial thing for human’s body. When our body gets sufficient amounts of essential vitamins and minerals, there are less surplus to eliminate. It affects livers and kidneys not to work hard. To gain vitamins and minerals more than our needs is waste and risk for accumulating them in our body which can turn into poison. Most of all, it will make holistic health better without wondering which ones or how much vitamins we should take to meet our body’s needs.

Vitaboost shows the example of before-after of blood test comparison of one of service user to demonstrate the changes of the levels in the body after taking Personalized Vitamins for 6 months (the period depends on how much amounts of their vitamins’ insufficiency). Most of them found their body is fresher, less fatigued. They sleep better and defecate better. Skin is brighter. Some of symptoms such as muscle, joint, knee pains and headache are reduced significantly because their body is back to balance mode.

The levels which were higher than regularity such as cholesterol, LDL Fat, Beta carotene, Vitamin C, Lycopene and Alpha carotene are less significantly. Other levels which were lower than regularity are better significantly such as Vitamin D, Gamma tocopherol, Vitamin A .

Furthermore, Personalized Supplements can be measured the changes in form of numbers, so this can be monitored, followed up the results and evaluated the health of persons who take vitamins periodically. Therefore, it generates the health results better than taking instant vitamins.


Choosing Personalized Supplements is integrated health care and alternative medicine which getting more interest today because it is the method to create the body’s balance with effectiveness and can be exactly measurable. It can serve the needs of your body directly to the point and help body get right nutrients with suitable amounts.

** Remarks: The results depend on each person’s body, the reaction to vitamins and nutrients, the seriousness of vitamin’s insufficiency or overdose of vitamin condition.

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Ploylada Thanapaisarnvorakul

 Doctor Ploylada is a medical expert of Beauty Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine certified by various institutes such as AAAM in USA, American academy of Anti-aging medicine, Pan Asia Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (PAARPRS) and is a co-designer and inventor of Vitayzer of Vitaboost as well as a founder of famous Beauty Clinic “Lalana Clinic”.